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Experienced, professional college search and recruiting counseling for serious high school athletes.

Extensive expertise in college swimming at all levels


Swimming and shooting for goals on a college team is often the high point of an athletes career. Many high school athletes have the dream, talent and determination to continue to pursue excellence in their sport  while continuing their education.  However, regional, national and even international success will not guarantee that an athlete will be recruited and offered admittance or a scholarship. Slots on a team can be sought by literally hundreds of qualified athletes from all over the world. At many elite colleges, the swimming coach might receive as many as 700 inquires from interested swimmers. From this pool of 700 a coach may only actively recruit 20-50 swimmers, offering "official" visits. From the group of 20-50 swimmers, only 6-10 may actually be accepted onto the team and fewer still offered additional admissions support.

Scholarship money is even more limited with NCAA limits on funding in addition to individual college limitations. The NCAA further constrains the process with a complex and comprehensive maze of rules governing virtually every stage of recruiting and admissions process. NCAA regulations govern all aspects of  required high school course work, SAT scores, GPA  requirements and contact with coaches.

Identifying and pursuing schools matching an athletes skills and academic goals and where the athlete will be a favored recruit can be a very frustrating and time consuming process. This process should start 18-24 months before university entrance. Many parents and swimmers have a limited knowledge of this complex process and potentially pass up great opportunities for their collegiate goals.

 One common misconception regarding College swimming is that you must be an Elite swimmer to be eligible to swim in college. There are an abundance of fantastic College swimming programs which will welcome swimmers who are not in the World Rankings or even close. Swimmers with local and regional experience can all find suitable college opportunities if they know where to look.  As long as you are a serious student with a proven track record  and a dedicated swimmer, there is a college choice  for you!


As challenging as this process can be, each year we also have clients who are thrilled to learn that their dedication to sport has given them an advantage for admission to elite schools over their academic peers. However successful athletic recruiting to top academic schools  usually requires  2-4 years of advance planning and preparation. With many top schools rejecting over 90% of applicants, being a student-athlete can increase your chances of admissions by up to 50%.  Elite selective  college can get more than 50,000 applications for fewer than 1600 admissions spots. Most of these applicants have exemplary academic records with SAT scores over 1500, GPA scores of 4.0 and a long history of AP courses taken. Most of these applicants are also in the top 10% of their class

There are many colleges with fantastic academic and athletic programs which do not require you to be an elite world class athlete in order to gain priority admissions but do require you to be a top student. Our service can help you discover these possibilities and help you find that perfect place where you will flourish and excel.


College Swim Recruiting provides personal, comprehensive guidance in order to reduce the stress and increase your success in navigating the  recruiting maze.  Our goal is to assist athletes in identifying programs which best suits their academic, personal and athletic preferences and goals. We then provide the tools and strategies to realize these goals in an organized and easy to understand action plan.

Beginning with an in depth interview, we give clients an advantage in the process by proposing and overseeing the implementation of a detailed, strategic personal plan. By taking advantage of our long experience with college programs and coaches, our student-athletes receive personal advice and guidance with a long action list which includes everything from suggested course lists, planning  college visits to targeted schools, coach correspondence, actual training plans and much, much more. For swimmers whom we have gotten to know favorably on the pool deck we can even provide personal advocacy with many of the most elite college coaches.

We will help you expand your list of colleges, making sure you have the highest percentage of success in finding that college that fits you best. Our service can provide a comprehensive analysis of each selected college choice, providing you with all the information you'll need to make the most informed decision possible. We work with all swimmers but specialize in working with international athletes for whom our service is particularly helpful if you are attending high school outside the United States and plan to attend college in the USA. We specialize in competitive swimming, but athletes from most other sports will find our program essential.

With sufficient preparation, dedication and our help, a  college program can be found for virtually every serious high school student athlete.


College Swim Recruiting has over over 50 years of experience coaching, mentoring and supporting all levels of swimmers from US National champions to Junior Olympic Qualifiers. They have successfully guided many American and international swimmers and athletes like yourself in admittance to the perfect college program. Our swimmers have attended:  Stanford, Berkeley, USC, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, UC Santa Barbara, University of Hawaii, Fordham, Auburn, Indiana and many others. Expertise in current college admission practices is as important as deep knowledge of college swimming. Diana is a long time admissions counselor and passionate student of  the latest trends in college admissions. She is the founder of: Diana Daymond College Admission Advising.



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