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Serious swimmers training in the USA at Sectionals level or higher looking for college admission and recruiting advising  will work with Diana to navigate the admissions process. You will find detailed information about programs at Diana Daymond College Admission Advising.



Three levels of programs for serious athletes providing sequentially greater information, counseling, support, mentoring, and  coaching.   Should a client desire an upgrade in programs they will be credited the fee for the lower program.

Gold Package:         Our signature college athlete recruitment program providing counseling and personal mentoring for   athletes in 10th-12th grade.

Platinum Package: Our  most in depth College  Recruitment Program: For serious swimmers providing personal             advocacy and coaching guidance by Coach Mitchell in addition to academic admission counseling and mentoring related to academic preparation. For full benefit of this program, clients should enroll in the Platinum package in the summer before 11th grade or ideally before 9th and 10th grade. 

Introduction to US Colleges, College Swimming and the Recruiting Process for all clients. 

High School Planning  For 8th and 9th Graders

  • General overview of NCAA swimming levels, requirements, rules and the recruiting process.
  • General overview of University and Colleges in the USA at various academic and divisional levels. Includes discussion of academic and testing requirements and expectations for admissions.
  • What is the recruiting process and the general recruiting calendar?
  • Discussion and review of significant additional factors for the High School scholar athlete including:  time management, study habits, healthy living, social life, extracurricular activities, vacation programs, volunteer work etc...
  • Basic interview with client and parents.
  • Help to set four year academic and athletic goals for the scholar/athlete.
  • Develop a flexible four year plan of action to realize goals.
  • Quarterly review by e mail or ZOOM to answer questions, review and reassess action plan and goals.
  • Separately, internationally based athletes can join the Terrapin  summer swimming program for serious swimmers. 
  • Contact Diana at dianadaymondcaa@gmail.com
  • In depth information about Diana's college admission and recruiting advising to be found at: Diana Daymond College Admission Advising


Gold Package: 

Our signature college athlete recruitment program providing step by step counseling and personal mentoring for athletes in 10th-12th grade. Ideally the student-athlete will begin this program in 10th grade.  Each year we only accept a few motivated athletes into this program.

  • All aspects of the 8th and 9th grade program above.
  • Detailed interview with athlete, parents and current coach.
  • Review of academic and testing plans and performance.
  • Personalized Recruiting Plan to include specific tasks required to enhance applicants chances for success
  • Develop list of target schools and provide detailed in-depth analysis  based on applicants athletic skills and academic profile.
  • Athletic and Academic Scholarship Identification
  • Guidance in the interview process, writing CV and Letter Profiles.
  • Guidance through the application and essay process*
  • Personal Recruiting Guidance with targeted college coaches, including help interpreting coach responses.
  • Bi monthly monitoring through e mails,  and ZOOM  to answer questions and review application and recruiting process.
  • Advise the student athlete in weighing and evaluating multiple recruiting opportunities and/or admission offers.
  • Internationally based swimmers enrolled in the Gold package are required to attend the Terrapin Summer Program for at least one summer.

Platinum Package:

Our  most in depth College  Recruitment Program: For serious swimmers providing personal advocacy and year round coaching guidance by Ray in addition to college admissions counseling and mentoring. For full benefit of this program, clients should enroll in the Platinum package 24 months before high school graduation. Each year we only accept a few athletes with proven motivation and dedication into this program.

  • Includes all aspects of the Gold Package in addition to the following:
  • Ongoing  personal contact and advocacy of your application with prospective coaches.
  • Personal meeting with staff to better define goals and our plan of action.
  • Complete swimming skills evaluation by Coach Mitchell to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • All Platinum Package applicants must have completed at least one summer session with the Terrapins enabling Coach Mitchell to assess and advocate the swimmer with greater insight and effectiveness. This step is critical to the success of our program as Coach Mitchell and the Terrapins have developed a National reputation for preparing swimmers to enter and successfully compete in collegiate swimming.



Program Acceptance: Our counseling services are limited to highly motivated, serious athletes. Acceptance will be determined after discussions and correspondance which confirms the suitability of our expertise in fulfilling the scholar/athletes goals.

Program Costs: Please  e mail us for more information and the  cost of each program.

SAT Preparation:
 Please note that our areas of expertise do not include SAT test preparation and essay instruction. Most of our clients complete SAT test courses in California with a professional testing company while enrolled in the Terrapin summer program and continue their preparation with the same company after returning home for the school year.

*Application and essay completion: Please note that College Swim Recruiting does not complete college applications, essays or financial forms on the behalf of our clients. This is an important responsibility for the scholar/athlete. 


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